12.29.2014 — “Synchron” by Camera


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Synchron” by Camera (2014, from the album Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide).

Camera is a krautrock band from Berlin. They sort of eschew the “krautrock” label, but at the same time, they describe themselves as “Motorik-driven, energetic stretches laced with psychedelic overtones rise up from keyboards, drums and guitars”. Whatever. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. A friend of mine who lives in Amsterdam recently found out about these cats and correctly guessed that I would dig them very much. She sent me a YouTube video of the guys playing a late-night show in the Berlin subway. Unauthorized. They do this kind of thing pretty frequently and for this reason, they’ve apparently been labeled “krautrock guerilla”. I dig it.

As I was watching the video, it took me about three seconds to love whatever song it was they were playing. Also, I immediately thought of Freelance Whales. A couple of years ago, I had a brief obsession with that Brooklyn indie-folk/rock band who do the same kind of thing. They often set up shows in the NYC subway stations and play until the fuzz shuts them down. There are some very cool videos floating around of Freelance Whales playing the subway platforms. Like this one, for example. But this isn’t about them.

For the record, this is the video that my friend shared with me:

I immediately went searching for as much as I could find about this band. Although there’s three guys, it looks like the only official members are Timm Brockmann (synth) and Michael Drummer (drums), with a different guitar player all the time. They put out an album in 2012, and another —Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide— in September of this year. I don’t have it (yet), but I think I love it. Based on what I’ve heard, I love it. It would have made my year-end list if I had only known sooner.

I couldn’t track down a soundcloud or bandcamp file, but here’s a video for “Synchron”:

You can learn more about Camera by visiting their label’s site here, where you can also buy their records. At current exchange rates, that vinyl sells for just under $21 USD plus shipping. There may be other distribution in the US, but I haven’t investigated that deeply.

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