Our Favorite Albums of 2014 — the full list

All of last week, I shared the list of my 41 favorite new release albums of 2014. I broke the list into sections, and gave a few details about each album.

41 through 31
30 through 21
20 through 11
10 through 6
the top five

I know that a lot of people don’t have time for or don’t care about the details. So here’s the full list:

41) Cheatahs — Cheatahs
40) Soft Science — Detour
39) Sleepy Kitty — Projection Room
38) Haunted Hearts — Initiation
37) The History of Colour TV — When Shapes of Spilt Blood Spelt Love
36) Bleeding Rainbow — Interrupt
35) Be Forest — Earthbeat
34) SPC ECO — The Art of Pop
33) Mono — Rays of Darkness
32) We Need Secrets — Melancholy and The Archive
31) Aerofall — Aerofall
30) Explosions in The Sky — Lone Survivor soundtrack
29) Fear of Men — Loom
28) The Antlers — Familiars
27) The Twilight Sad — Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave
26) Beverly — Careers
25) Spotlight Kid — Ten Thousand Hours
24) Tiny Ruins — Brightly Painted One
23) The Rural Alberta Advantage — Mended With Gold
22) The Capsules — The Long Goodbye
21) A Sunny Day in Glasgow — Sea When Absent
20) September Girls — Cursing the Sea
19) Whirr — Sway
18) The New Pornographers — Brill Bruisers
17) Sylvan Esso — Sylvan Esso
16) Jess Williamson — Native State
15) Lowtide — Lowtide
14) Grouper — Ruins
13) Snowbird — Moon
12) Eternal Summers — The Drop Beneath
11) Roku Music — Collide
10) Weeknight — Post-Everything
9) Strata Florida — Made of Stars
8) Mono — The Last Dawn
7) Allo Darlin’ — We Come From the Same Place
6) Jessica Lea Mayfield — Make My Head Sing…
5) Alvvays — Alvvays
4) Angel Olsen — Burn Your Fire For No Witness
3) Mogwai — Rave Tapes
2) Lightfoils — Hierarchy
1) The Casket Girls — True Love Kills The Fairy Tale

Go back and read the posts if you want the details on where to buy these records. Support labels. Support local shops. Buy things in physical format. Please do not, however, buy cassette tapes. Some labels and some bands think it’s cute to release things on cassette. Worse yet, some bands and some labels are releasing things exclusively on cassette. It is and always was a terrible format. The trend will go away eventually, but it’ll go away sooner if we stop encouraging them.

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