01.22.2015 — “Cocoon” by Savage Sister

Savage Sister

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Cocoon” by Savage Sister (2015, from the forthcoming album Speechless).

Savage Sister is an ambient dream-pop/darkwave trio from Chicago who have been around since 2012. They’re influenced heavily by the Cocteaus and Slowdive and lovesliescrushing. They’ve released a couple of EPs, a couple of 7″ records, an album, and an EP of covers. That covers EP features two Kate Bush songs, a Beach House song, a Magnetic Fields song, a Low song, and “Katy Song” by Red House Painters. I was a huge RHP fan, and even though Mark Kozelek has turned into a complete and total bastard, and even though (separate from that) I don’t like anything he’s done since about 2007, I still love RHP. And it so happens that “Katy Song” is my favorite RHP song. Savage Sister did a nice job with their pretty imaginative cover. All of the covers are great for that matter.

Today’s song comes from their forthcoming sophomore long player Speechless, which should be out this winter via BLVD Records.

The band has also recently put out an EP in collaboration with Chicago ambient experimental musician Lakshmi Ramgopal (who goes by the stage name Lykanthea. I got something in the mailbag exactly a year ago about the Savage Sister/Lykanthea collaboration, and somehow I never got around to writing about it. The other day, I stumbled upon a different Savage Sister song on a soundcloud mixtape and loved it.

Today’s song features the trademark vocals of Chloe Rundgren, which are barely perceptible and thinner than air. Also, some really Slowdive-y guitar bits layered in tons and tons of gossamer and bubble wrap. Everything is so fragile and beautiful. Handle with care.

“Cocoon” by Savage Sister

I really can’t get over how dreamy and delicate everything is. It reminds me a lot of “Brighter”, which is my favorite song from Just For a Day. Actually, it’s like the best parts of the most ambient Slowdive songs all got mushed together. And that’s a beautiful thing.

I don’t know any release details about the album, and the label doesn’t really mention it. I did read somewhere that the album will be out in the winter of 2015. In other words, “soon”.

In the meantime, you can visit the band’s bandcamp page, where you can name your own price on some downloads.

Also, you can enjoy the super-dreamy official video for today’s song:

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