01.29.2015 — “Solipsism” by Hideous Towns

Hideous Towns

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Solipsism” by Hideous Towns (2014, from the Hideous Towns EP).

Hideous Towns is a dream pop/post-punk quartet from Melbourne. I’m assuming that they took their name from the magnificent song of the same name by The Sundays (1990, from the album Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic). They don’t, however, sound like The Sundays. In a way, they sound like some of the goth-y stuff that The Cure did. Kinda murky and low end-y. Cold and rainy. I’ve written a great deal recently about the bustling shoegaze scene in Melbourne, and while some people hasten to lump Hideous Towns in with the shoegazers, I’m not so quick to do that. I wouldn’t say that it’s wrong to mention shoegaze as an adjective for this band, but I would put that down the list a bit.

This band showed up on my radar a few weeks ago, and I saw a different song of theirs on a mix tape somewhere just the other day. I don’t know anything about them, so there’s no backstory or anecdotes to tell. Just the songs. They released a couple of standalone digital singles last year. Then, in October, they released the eponymous EP. Today’s song is the first song on that record.

“Solipsism” by Hideous Towns

There’s a lot of reverb on the vocals and I can’t begin to make heads or tails of any of that. It’s part of the aesthetic, though. The whole thing is dark and murky. I imagine a very dense fog surrounding this song. And really the whole EP.

It’s rare that the bass is what I’m most drawn to in a song, but that’s sort of the case here. I like everything about this song, but the hook is the bass. Here, in this song, I’m reminded just a bit of the dazzling bass playing of Simon Gallop from The Cure.

I hope there’s plenty more to come from this band in the very near future.

You can buy a copy of Hideous Towns in compact disc or digital format by visiting the Hideous Towns bandcamp page.

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