02.08.2015 — “Raygun” by Morels

“Raygun” single

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Raygun” by Morels (2015, from the “Raygun” single and forthcoming album).

Morels is a dream pop/shoegaze quartet from Baltimore. I know absolutely nothing about them other than that the guys used to be in some other Charm City bands. Their debut album was recorded last June and will be released later this year. Last week, they released the first single from it. The album’s title and release date are yet to come, and if this teaser is any indication of anything, they should do quite well with this record.

If you appreciate the spacey shoegazey dream pop of Slowdive and the smooth, silky, smokey sophistication (there’s a lot of esses there) of The National, this song should be up your alley. It certainly works for me.

This is that song.
“Raygun” by Morels

The choruses have a heavier, crunchier guitar part, and while in a very general way, there’s a Slowdive vibe to this song, there’s something about the change in those choruses that specifically makes me think of their first record Just For a Day.

While we don’t know the release date or even the name of the forthcoming album, we do know that the “Raygun” single is available for download via bandcamp here.

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