02.09.2015 — “Prodigal Summer” by Snow in Mexico

Snow in Mexico

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Prodigal Summer” by Snow in Mexico (2012, from the Prodigal Summer EP).

Snow in Mexico is an ambient dream-pop/shoegaze band from Rome. I don’t know anything about them, and there’s a serious paucity of biographical information about them out there in the interwebs. What I do know is that Massimiliano Cruciani (guitar/voc) and Andrea Novelli (synths/drum machine) released one EP —Snow in Mexico— in 2009 and another —Prodigal Summer— in 2012. The band recently joined the Saint Marie Records family, and that label has reissued the two EPs. Both were rereleased digitally yesterday. No physical release just yet, but you can choose between MP3 or lossless for the same low price of $4 USD for each EP.

Their brand of dream pop with just a bit of synth is simultaneously bright and dark, mysterious and familiar.

Fans of MBV, M83, Lovesliescrushing, and Air should like what these guys have to offer.

“Prodigal Summer” by Snow in Mexico

There’s something hypnotic and intoxicating about the super-delay on the guitar bit. And the strange poetry/prose recitation. It’s hard to make out what the woman is saying because of the wash of effects. It’s equally difficult to make out the actual lyrics of the song. That poetry/prose recitation reminds me very much of a similar trick that Drop Nineteens pulled out of their bag in their song “Kick the Tragedy”, from their breathtakingly amazing 1992 album Delaware. Snow in Mexico and Drop Nineteens sound nothing alike, but there’s that one thing that made one remind me of the other. And seriously, any excuse to bring up Drop Nineteens is a good excuse. Here’s what I wrote about Drop Nineteens way back in the early days of this blog. Enough about Drop Nineteens, though.

Seriously. Go buy this Snow in Mexico record. Both of them. Visit the Saint Marie Records web store here.

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