02.14.2015 — “My Flowery Dream” by Intenna


If you only listen to one song today, make it “My Flowery Dream” by Intenna (2014, from the “Guttersnipe x Intenna” split single).

Intenna is a shoegaze/dream pop quintet from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. I know very little about them. I came across today’s song a couple of weeks ago, and I was planning on writing about it anyway, when I saw it on that shoegaze compilation that I wrote about yesterday.

The band started in 2009, and they have only released a couple of singles. They plan to release their debut album sometime this year. Today’s song appears on that compilation that I’ve been talking about, but it also appeared (although under the name “Flowery”) on a split cassette single in early 2014. A band called Guttersnipe was on the other side.

“My Flowery Dream” by Intenna

The guitars have tons and tons of reverb, and they all melt into a big gooey, dreamy ball. The music is warm and comforting and fits right in with the classic shoegaze/dream pop stuff. The vocals of Ni Nyoman Nanda Putri Lestari are impossibly high in the atmosphere. It seems like she can’t be from the waking life. This has to be a dream, right? I always get so caught up in the dream-like state that I don’t even notice that the song is a bit long at just over seven minutes. It seems like nothing, though.

Again, you can download the massive 30-track shoegaze comp Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival from bandcamp by naming your own price here.

The other band from that split cassingle is Guttersnipe. They’re also from Malang, and their style is harder to nail down. They sort of remind me of Sonic Youth, though. The point is that you should also download the digital version of the split single. The cassette is out of print. Anyway, do that by naming your own price here.

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