02.20.2015 — “Half” (alternate version) by Anamai

Anna Mayberry (Anamai)

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Half” by Anamai (2015, from the forthcoming album Sallows)

Anamai is a dream-folk/experimental band from Toronto. The main player in the band is Anna Mayberry, who is also in the Toronto garage/punk band HSY. I’ll assume that the band name Anamai is a play on her name. She works mainly with David Psutka, who is also in the electronic dance band Egyptrixx. I’m not wild about HSY, and I really can’t stand this EDM stuff, so it’s a weird thing that I like the product that these two have created.

It’s super minimal and dreamy and slowcore-ish. It’s all drone-y and sparse and weightless. I got something in the mail bag that compared the new album to Chelsea Wolfe and Weyes Blood. Sure, sure. I might also throw Grouper in that mix. I haven’t heard the whole album, which comes out on March 10 via Buzz Records. I’ve just heard this song and one other. A bunch of times.

“Half” (alternate version) by Anamai

As a bit of trivia, this song was recorded by Josh Korody, who is in a couple of Toronto bands including Beliefs.

This is dark. Really dark. And icy cold. It doesn’t help to have this song playing on a very cold day, but that’s how the cookie bounces sometimes.

I love the way the vocals sound so cavernous. Mayberry is doing most of the vocals (and the guitar, and the drums) with some additional vocals from Alexandra Blumas. The vocals are affected and layered and pieced together in a really amazing way. It’s haunting. And although everything is kind of mushed together into a sonic milkshake, you can feel miles of wide open space. It’s a little bit disorienting. And awesome.

The album will be out on March 10. While you wait for that, you can buy this song and the album-opening song “Lucia” over at Bandcamp. In late March, they’ll start a tour of Ontario. They’ll also play one show in Montréal and one in Brooklyn.

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