03.20.2015 — “If U Ever Come Back” by Taxi Taxi!

Taxi Taxi

Taxi Taxi

If you only listen to one song today, make it “If U Ever Come Back” by Taxi Taxi! (2014, from the Floating Forever EP).

Taxi Taxi! is an indie-folk/dream pop band from Stockholm. Based on the songs that I’ve heard, I’d say that there’s a little bit of Björk, a little bit of Azure Ray, and a little bit of Mazzy Star in what they’re doing. Plus a lot more. The heart of the band is the pair of twins Johanna and Miriam Ericsson Berhan. They both sing and play a bunch of instruments. In 2007, when they were just teenagers, they released a self-titled EP which was recorded by Björn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John fame) and released on Efterklang’s label Rumraket.

They subsequently released an EP called Step Out Into The Light, which featured two new songs and one of their songs being covered by Peter Broderick. Broderick is a frequent collaborator with and touring member of Efterklang. He’s also the brother of Heather Woods Broderick, who is also a frequent collaborator with Efterklang as well as a permanent member of Sharon Van Etten’s touring band.

In 2009, the twins were barely out of high school, but they released their debut album Still Standing At Your Back Door. which was met with positive reviews.

Swedish twins, you say? Because I love hockey, any time I hear “Swedish twins”, I’ll always think of this great NHL promo ad featuring Daniel and Henrik Sedin:

The girls branched out and started their own label, Delicious Demon Records, and they released a four-song EP Floating Forever. I got something in the mailbag the other day promoting that EP and the video for their song “Floating Forever”. Although that’s not today’s song, it’s great, and you can view that video here. Today’s song is the last song on that EP. This is that song.

“If U Ever Come Back” by Taxi Taxi!

Each of the girls has her own singing style, and when they harmonize, it’s brilliant. I like how icy, cold, and dark the electronics and the guitar effects sound. That part of it is super-minimalist. And in that way, it’s reminiscent of some slowcore stuff like Low or Mount Eerie or something like that. However, the vocals are absolutely enormous. So there’s a couple of different textures layered atop one another, and I love the end result.

I also really adore the end. Instead of trying to figure a way to resolve the song, they just built a big crescendo after the chorus, layered the vocals really heavy, put a ton of delay on there, and just went full stop. No fade-out, or anything like that. Just a couple of lingering delay effects. It’s a fantastic way to end the song. And the EP.

You can buy said EP in physical format on 10″ vinyl directly from the band/label here. That’s a limited run of 300 hand-numbered copies. As far as I know, it’s still in print. You can also buy a digital download via eMu here. The girls have their sophomore album ready for release later this year, presumably in the late summer or early autumn. I’ll certainly be looking forward to it.

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