03.25.2015 — “Hang Up On Me” by J. Francis

J. Francis — to adore

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Hang Up On Me” by J. Francis (2015, from the album to adore).

J. Francis is a dream pop recording project of Julian Francis Pearce, who is from Brisbane, Australia. He’s the brother of D.P. Pearce from the Brisbane shoegaze/dream pop project Kigo. I found out about this project when I was investigating some new material from a forthcoming 2015 album by Kigo. D.P. Pearce is awfully proud of his brother, and has said that he’s already penciled this album in as one of his favorite records of 2015. Not just his “favorite record by my brother” or even “favorite Australian record of 2015 so far”, but he’s putting this into his top ten year-end list already. We like Kigo a lot, so that got our attention.

J. Francis has released a couple of singles and a couple of albums (a l m os t in 2013 and t i re d in 2014), but I only just found out about him.

I know absolutely nothing about this cat, but I really like this song.

“Hang Up On Me” by J. Francis

Every time I think it’s going to get really big and gloomy like a song on Disintegration, it doesn’t quite get there. But it does remind me of a less gloomy version of a song that might have been on Disintegration. And we really really like Disintegration. This is like a brighter, happier version of “Pictures of You”.

All of the J. Francis stuff is available at bandcamp at the “name your own price” level. You can get to adore here. You can name your own price, but remember that at the moment, $1 USD = $1.27 AUD, and £1 = $1.90 AUD. Adjust your donation level accordingly, if that’s your thing. Or just give what you want. It’s a good record.

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