03.27.2015 — “I Like The Taste (of Ugly Women)” by Deadpan Interference

Deadpan Interference

If you only listen to one song today, make it “I Like The Taste (of Ugly Women)” by Deadpan Interference (2015 from the Deadpan Interference mini-album).

Deadpan Interference is a doomgaze four-piece from Copenhagen. They’ve only been around since 2013, but they’ve already generated a ton of buzz as one of the best new shoegaze bands around and one of the best new Danish groups regardless of genre.

I happened upon this song the other day and I was immediately in love. I love the thick bass and the sonic assault delivered by the guitars. Lots and lots of feedback and fuzz. There’s quite a lot going on without a lot of fuss being made. They’re just efficient.

They’re a bit gothy and a bit sludgy. They’re definitely dark and dirty. I don’t even know what or who to compare them to. Like a co-ed version of a less drugged-out version of Love and Rockets, maybe. I can’t immediately think of anything more contemporary.

Anyway, their self-titled debut EP or mini-album or whatever you want to call it came out this February, and I just found out about it. It clocks in at only 21 minutes or something like that. 6 songs. Just enough to leave me desperate for more.

Today’s song is barely even two minutes long, but they get a lot done in a short period of time.
This is that song:
“I Like The Taste (of Ugly Women)” by Deadpan Interference

The bass. The feedback-laden guitars. Astrid Samuelsen’s vocals. The less-is-more drumming by Max Cosnier. All of it. It’s all tidy and brilliant.

Starting at about 0:44, there’s a bit when one of the guitars is doing sort of a “When The Levee Breaks” thing, and I love that. I’m not a big Led Zepplin fan by any stretch of the imagination. I do, however, love that song “When The Levee Breaks”..

I like also that there aren’t really any lyrics in the song. Nothing other than “I like the taste of ugly women”.

Here’s the official video for the song:

Simple and pure. It’s brilliant because of that. Watch it, then watch it again. Over and over.

You can buy a digital download of Deadpan Interference via the Drone Records bandcamp page here. At the moment, 36 DKK = $5.25 USD.

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