04.16.2015 — “Future Song” by Distortion Girls

Distortion Girls

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Future Song” by Distortion Girls (2015, from the forthcoming album Party).

Distortion Girls is a drone/psychedelic/noise trio from Copenhagen. They’ve been around since 2011 or so, and they’re about to release their debut album —Party— via the Danish indie label Cat Box Corp. Cat Box Corp is a tiny label in Copenhagen who releases most of their albums exclusively on CDR with hand-made packaging. Until recently, they didn’t think much of digital releases. While we appreciate the “physical format only” ethos, the reality of the market is that digital has to be an option. They’ve grudgingly come to accept that.

The forthcoming debut album by Distortion Girls will be a double vinyl, and that’s a massive undertaking for a label with a very limited budget. We admire that dedication to the project and the faith that they have in the band.

I know absolutely nothing about this band. They have a very small digital footprint, and their own website doesn’t give any biographical information at all. They describe themselves this way:

Neverending psychedelic slow-motion noise disco for heavy beats, noisy guitars, massive organ and dead-end vocals.

Earlier today, I happened upon today’s song in my soundcloud feed and I liked it right away.

This is that song
“Future Song” by Distortion Girls

“Psychedelic slow motion noise” is a really good way to describe that. It’s got a very deep groove that it rides in and it’s a little spooky and a lot soothing at the same time. It’s sort of like if Mazzy Star and Stereolab collaborated to do a cover of The Doors’ “Riders On The Storm”.

I don’t do any drugs other than my fair share of alcohol, but I imagine that the recreational use of some hallucinatory narcotic substance might make this song a really wild ride. It’s a fun ride for me without any of that.

The album will be out sometime this spring on double vinyl. It’ll also be made available for digital download purchase via Bandcamp.

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