05.02.2015 — “King Rides By” by Cat Power

I’ve been busy with things other than writing lately, and I’m going to have to take an easy way out today. In the spirit of the “fight of the century” coming later tonight, I’ve got something special. It’s a video that was originally released back in 2011 to raise money for a children’s charity.

Remember when Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) was in a long-term relationship with the actor Giovani Ribisi? Yeah, they were the cutest b-list celebrity couple. That was 2006-2012, and during that time, her career was really taking off. Personally, I think that What Would The Community Think (1996) is her best record, but that’s just me. The song in tonight’s video originally appeared on that masterpiece of an album, but this version of the song is very different. Stripped down, echo-y, slower. It’s actually a bit spooky. The song was released as a single in conjunction with a video that was directed and shot by Ribisi. He filmed Manny Pacquiao working the speed bags, but he slowed the film down considerably, and it’s really mesmerizing.

For the record, I hope Pacquiao wins.

Pacquiao starred in the video to help raise money for the children’s charities. Cat Power sold mp3 downloads of the song and the video with proceeds going to Festival of Children Foundation and The Ali Forney Center. That was 2011, and it looks like they’re not doing that anymore, but you can always donate to either of those charities.

As much as I love the original, I really like the reimagining of the song, and once I start watching the video, it’s really hard to look away. Very well done.

Not long after the push of this video and single, Marshall and Ribisi split up. Almost immediately, she cut her hair and released her ninth and most successful album Sun (2012). She hasn’t released anything since then. In part because of some health issues that she was having. It took less than a year for Ribisi to get married to some English fashion model.

Anyway, without further commentary, here’s the video with the very different version of “King Rides By”.

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