05.03.2015 — “Wait For Rain” by Magic Love

Magic Love

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Wait For Rain” by Magic Love (2015, from a standalone single).

Magic Love is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Tokyo. They started in 2011 as the duo of Shohei Hamanaka (vocals/guitars) and Kazuaki Kondo (drums). They released an EP called Bright a Scene in 2011 and another called Dawn in 2014. A different version of tonight’s song appeared on the Dawn EP. They’ve recently grown to a quintet by adding Seiji Kokeguchi (bass), Marika Sato (vocals/synths), and Shinpei Mineda(guitar). After adding the female vocalist to the lineup, they re-recorded “Wait For Rain”. I like both versions, but I like the re-recording much better. Of course that will come as no surprise to anyone. Everyone knows how much I adore female vocals. Especially when they’re washed in tons of vocal effects and buried in a wave of delay-laden dreamy guitars.

I had never even heard of this band until earlier today, when I happened upon this new version of “Wait For Rain” in my soundcloud feed. Now I love this band.

The original version of the song is just a little less bright than this. It’s a tiny bit muddy and low end-y in comparison. And smaller in scale. There’s nothing at all wrong with Shohei Hamanaka’s vocals in the original, but Marika Sato’s vocals shine so much brighter.

You can hear the original here, but this is all about the new version. This is that song.

“Wait For Rain” by Magic Love

They say that their influences are MBV and Sonic Youth. The former is pretty obvious, and if the latter has much influence on this song in particular, it’s hard to spot.

I love how warm and melty the guitars and vocals are. Like something from the first side of Loveless.

Hopefully, there’s plenty more to come from this band in the near future. For now, you can grab the Dawn EP (with the different version of “Wait For Rain”) from bandcamp here. For reference, ¥500 = $4.16 USD by today’s exchange rate.

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