05.04.2015 — “Folding Chair” by Eyes Behind The Veil

Eyes Behind The Veil — Besides

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Folding Chair” by Eyes Behind The Veil (2015, from the album Besides)

Eyes Behind The Veil is an ambient recording project by Chicago multi-instrumentalist Michael Tenzer. He’s sort of the mastermind behind the darkwave/dream pop band Savage Sister, whose sophomore album was expected sometime over the winter. Unfortunately, that album hasn’t emerged yet, and it kind of sounds like it might be a while longer.

In the meantime, Tenzer released a solo record today under the moniker Eyes Behind The Veil. Just as he does with Savage Sister, he names lovesliescrushing as a major influence. I’m a big fan of lovesliescrushing, and their 1993 album bloweyelashwish is one of my all-time favorite ambient records. It’s the dreamiest, sleepiest album, perfect for putting on very late at night as you drift off to sleep.

Tenzer also sites Grouper as a major influence, and by now, we all know about Liz Harris’ sixty minute song appropriately called “Sleep”, and the show that she once did that lasted seven hours and was actually designed for the audience to fall asleep. This album is along those lines.

He names some other, less sleepy influences like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, and even My Bloody Valentine, but this one has the Grouper/lovesliescrushing/Brian Eno/Harold Budd influence all over it.

Tonight’s song is über-soothing and sleep inducing (in the right way)
Prop your feet up, turn the lights off, and enjoy:

“Folding Chair” by Eyes Behind The Veil

The album came out today via Tenzer’s own label Wild Patterns, and you can buy a download of it by naming your price at the Eyes Behind The Veil bandcamp page here.

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