05.08.2015 — “Where Flies Sleep” by Spectres


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Where Flies Sleep” by Spectres (2015, from the album Dying).

Spectres is a shoegaze/noise quartet from Bristol, England. They released an EP called Family in 2011 and an EP called Hunger in 2013. They’ve just made an enormous splash with their debut album Dying, which was released earlier this year via Sonic Cathedral Records. They sold out of the vinyl pressing as soon as it was released, and the second pressing was just released.

I really don’t know anything about this band. They’re influenced by the likes of JAMC and Sonic Youth, and they’re certainly not shy about turning their amps up to eleven. This album is dark and fuzzy. There’s tons of distortion and feedback. It’s loud, and unapologetic.

I first heard about this album when I saw a friend post to Facebook about how badly she wanted Dying on vinyl. I didn’t know what she was talking about, and it took me much longer than it should have to figure it out. I finally bought a download of the album last week, and because I’ve been on a serious ambient/drone/dream pop kick, I haven’t made time for it until yesterday.

Tonight’s song isn’t my favorite one on the album. I’d say that “Blood In The Cups” is probably my favorite. It absolutely smells of Sonic Youth. It’s not available for posting, but tonight’s song is also brilliant in its own way. It’s sheer noise. Beautiful noise. Jet engines and jackhammers.

This is that song:
“Where Flies Sleep” by Spectres

This is less Sonic Youth and more A Place To Bury Strangers. A sonic assault right from the needle’s drop, punctuated by some nice melodies. But some serious and fantastic unrelenting noise.

The video for the song is a little creepy, but very cool. It features a lot of unsettling images relating to death and dying. It also features little kids doing deviant stuff that little kids don’t do: stealing a car, tending bar, (simulating) drinking, and more. And there’s a creepy disembodied doll’s head.

Here’s that video:

The first pressing of the vinyl sold out, but you can buy one of the second pressing here. The CD is sold out, but some copies are available via amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. That can get a little bit spendy on this side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, the bandcamp FLAC download is only for vinyl buyers, but you can get digital downloads from amazon, or eMusic, or iTunes. And you should.

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