05.15.2015 — “Aubrey” by Debris Slide

Debris Slide

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Aubrey” by Debris Slide (2015, from the album Araido)

Debris Slide is a low-fi noise rock/shoegaze quartet from Nottingham. They started in 2012, and their debut album Araido just came out this week. I had never heard of the band until I got something in the mailbag. Before I even listened to a note, I was intrigued because of their name. It’s likely a reference to the Pavement song of the same name (1991, from the Perfect Sound Forever EP). The band say that they’re influenced by some of the best of the early lo-fi shoegaze from this side of the Atlantic. They specifically name Black Tambourine and Swirlies as their influencers. They’re also HUGE fans of Weezer. You can see that in the photo above, and you can also see it in their previous release.

In the autumn of 2014, Debris Slide released an EP called Everything Will Be Alright For Steve McDonald of Off Corrie In The End. This is an obvious nod to Weezer’s 2014 album Everything Will Be Alright In The End, and it features six Weezer cover songs. If you’re interested, you can get that by naming your own price here. The recording quality is really awful, but it’s sort of fun anyway.

While the recording quality of the new debut album is considerably better, it’s still very much on the “lo-fi” end of things. Don’t let that cloud your judgement of it, though: it’s a good record. All Hail West Texas by The Mountain Goats is an example of a phenomenal record that was literally recorded by a very inexpensive boom box. It’s a very muddy record, but it’s incredible. But enough about Weezer, and enough about The Mountain Goats.

There are many good songs on the Debris Slide record. This is one of my favorites.

“Aubrey” by Debris Slide

This is definitely reminiscent of the early days of US shoegaze. It reminds me specifically of all of the stuff from Slumberland Records during the early-to-mid 1990s. Black Tambourine, Boyracer, Henry’s Dress, et cetera. Really noisy, but recorded with really low production values and mixed into the stereo field in rather unusual way. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what’s going on, but among all the noise, there’s definitely some different things happening in the left channel as compared to the right.

The album was released digitally on May 12, and a limited run of 100 vinyl copies was pressed. You can get a download from bandcamp by naming your price here. Also, see the details about the vinyl there.

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