05.27.2015 — “Drunk Walk Home” by Mitski


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Drunk Walk Home” by Mitski (2014, from the album bury me at makeout creek).

Mitski is an indie rock/folk singer-songwriter from Brooklyn. She recently graduated from the music conservatory at SUNY Purchase, and while she was there she released two albums. Her debut LUSH came out in 2012, followed by Retired from Sad, New Career in Business in 2013. These were both written and recorded with a large cast of supporting characters, a full orchestra, and relentless attention to detail. When she was ready to graduate, she had some sort of revelation which led her to change her approach to making records.

I awoke to the fact that music didn’t have to be this difficult and academic thing to be ‘good’

The new album came out in November via Double Double Whammy, which is also home to Quarterbacks and Eskimeaux. This time, the focus is on the traditional rock instruments: guitar, bass, drums. Her band is just that — a three piece.

I really don’t know anything about Mitski, and I think she likes it that way. I only learned of her existence when the Hopscotch Music Festival announced the lineup for this year’s festival. I’ve started my festival homework, and in the coming months, I’ll be posting a lot about the bands who will be playing there this September.

What I do know about Mitski is that her new album has turned a lot of heads and that according to at least one media outlet, she took SXSW by storm. I’ve listened to a few songs and I very much like what I’ve heard. I’m reminded a bit of both Jenn Wasner (from Wye Oak) and the magnificent Torres. Both of those are Hopscotch alumnae, and Wasner will be making an appearance at this year’s festival with her Flock of Dimes.

Anyway, here’s one of the songs from the new album:
“Drunk Walk Home” by Mitski

I really like how at the beginning of the song, everything is very calm and pretty. By the end, she’s literally screaming, the drums are chaotic, and the guitars are really grungy. It’s a song about a woman whose night didn’t go the way she hoped it would. She’s really frustrated with this person she’s trying to impress. It boils over at the end, and it’s a little frightening. The protagonist of this story is someone I wouldn’t want to cross, or even to disappoint.

The Hopscotch schedule hasn’t been announced, but with the lineup announcement, they told us who’s playing which nights. Mitski will play some time on Friday September 11, which is the middle night of the festival. On that night, TVOTR will headline the City Plaza main stage show. Some of the highlights of the indoor shows that night will be Mitski, Jefre Cantu-Ledesme, Moon Duo, Natalie Prass. Just to name a few.

You can buy bury me at makeout creek here. Look for Mitski on tour in North America this summer with Eskimeaux and Elvis Depressedly.

Check out the day-by-day Hopscotch lineup here, and get your ticket info here.

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