06.04.2015 — “Hollywood Teeth” by No Joy

No Joy

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Hollywood Teeth” by No Joy (2015, from the forthcoming album More Faithful).

No Joy is a doomy/gazey/dreamy/psych quartet from Montréal. Since their foundation in 2009, they’ve come a really long way in their craft, and each record gets better. Their 2013 sophomore album Wait to Pleasure placed at #27 in my year-end list that year. Their third album More Faithful comes out next Tuesday via Mexican Summer, and even in a year with a ridiculous amount of great stuff coming out, I still think this one might end somewhere in my top 20.

A lot is being made about their progression from gut level, formulaic lo-fi noise to well-crafted, cerebral noise. Part of this is because in the beginning, they were one of those “postal service” bands, with the two primary members living on opposite ends of the North American continent. Now they all live in the same city and they properly rehearse and all that good stuff. Most of it is that they’re just getting better at what they do and more detailed with their art. In particular, reviewers have pointed to one of the new songs “Moon in My Mouth”, which features an 11/4 time signature. I’m not sophisticated enough to pick up on that without being pointed in the right direction, but I know that it takes a considerable amount of “tightness” to pull off playing in such a non-intuitive time signature.

We’re not here to talk about time signatures, and I’m ill-equipped to do that anyway. This is about one of the new songs from the fantastic new record. This is that song:

“Hollywood Teeth” by No Joy

In a way, I’m reminded of Baltimore noise darlings Eternal Summers, whose brand new album Gold and Stone is playing a lot around here.

I love that there’s no build-up. It gets straight into the noise right from the drop. Big bursts of noise. I also like that there’s still more, bigger bursts of noise later in the song. Specifically at 1:20. A huge squalling burst. All fuzzed out and feedback-laden. And really, really big. They really nailed the loud/quiet/LOUDER thing here. The song is just over two minutes, and the entire album clocks in at just a hair over 36.5 minutes. It’s over before it really begins, (but in my heart it’s so real). And it’s a lot of fun.

You can pre-order a digital download of More Faithful via bandcamp here, or you can pre-order physical copies from the label here. The deluxe vinyl looks pretty sweet, and it’s limited to 500 copies.
You can also catch No Joy on tour of North America now. It’s a small tour, and I won’t get a chance to see them this time, but I’m sure I’ll have other chances.

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