06.07.2015 — “Poolside Boys” by Flesh World

Flesh World

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Poolside Boys” by Flesh World (2015, from the album The Wild Animals in My Life).

Flesh World is a noise pop/ “ice-soaked punk” quartet from San Francisco. I’ve seen one tag, “bootgaze” which plays to their background both in shoegazey/c-86 pop and in hardcore punk. Diane Anastasio (drums) and Jess Scott (vocals/guitar) came from the San Francisco shoegaze/twee band Brilliant Colors. Scott Moore used to play drums in an Albany-based homosexual hardcore band called Limp Wrist, and he plays guitar in Flesh World. I don’t have any idea where Flesh World bassist Andrew Luttrell came from, but the band formed at some point this decade in a microscopic apartment in San Francisco. First, Scott Moore and Jess Scott bonded over mutual interest in the same films and art exhibits. They both name Lou Reed and William Reid as guitar heroes. They started writing songs together. Then Jess invited her Brilliant Colors bandmate to join in.

I hadn’t heard of this band until I got an advance copy of the new album in the mailbag. It took me a while to get around to it, but it didn’t take long for me to decide that I liked it.

It looks like they released a self-titled EP last February and a couple of singles since then. This is their debut full-length album. It came out June 2 via Iron Lung Records, and was preceded by a couple of soundcloud previews.

“Poolside Boys” by Flesh World

I love the warbly, melty shoegazey guitar in the intro, and the snare. The bass comes in, and it gets a different feel. It’s less airy. There’s more weight. By the time Jess Scott starts singing, it’s almost like a late 1970s UK post-punk sound. And the buzz on that guitar is kind of breathtaking. It’s like there are a bunch of sonic flavors going on, and the blend is just right.

Somewhere around 2:10, there’s a ringing guitar bit that’s slightly reminiscent of Stephen Malkmus’ ridiculous guitar solo in the bridge of “Cut Your Hair”. It may be a cheesy solo, but I love it. And I hear it referenced in a lot of songs now.

I’ve played this song a bunch of times just now, and I’m always surprised when it’s over. That’s my only complaint about it. It’s too short. It clocks in at 2:40, which isn’t crazily short, but I just wish that it would go on for another two or three minutes. I guess that’s what the “back” button is for.

You can buy The Wild Animals in My Life on your choice of green or black vinyl here. You can also buy a digital download via the Iron Lung bandcamp page here.

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