06.16.2015 — “Always” by Flying Cape Experience

Flying Cape Experience

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Always” by Flying Cape Experience (2015, from the forthcoming album We’re All Gonna Die). Flying Cape Experience is an ambient dream-folk/dream-pop/”lovegaze” duo from Finland. They’ve left almost no digital footprint in the interwebs, and after a bit of research, the only thing I can gather is that their names are Akira Kosminen and Jo Annah (also sometimes listed as “Johanna”). They formed in 2013, and they released an album called Let’s Sing More About The Eyes in May of that year. That album was released on a Portuguese label called El Vals del Conejo, and they’ve done a couple of collaborations with the owner of that label who is in a band called Joaquim Barato. Next week, on the summer solstice (June 21), that label will digitally release We’re All Gonna Die — the sophomore album by Flying Cape Experience. I found out about this band the same way I find out about a lot of bands: soundcloud. Usually, that’s a good springboard to other places where I can find a reasonable amount of biographical information for my posts. That’s not the case with this band. There just isn’t any information out there. I can’t even find out what their hometown is. Their soundcloud and Facebook profiles list “Flying Cape” as their hometown. It’s quite clear that this band wants there to be some mystery about who they are. That’s fine. They can tell us as much or as little about themselves as they want. I think it’s almost better this way. The pre-release sneak preview of the new album is a six song set that you can find at soundcloud here. I assume that the full album will have nine or ten songs, but this is a great set nonetheless. Today’s song reminds me quite a bit of Mazzy Star. Although there’s a fuzzy bit in the middle, most of the song centers around the acoustic guitar and some heavily delayed vocals. And she really sounds like Hope Sandoval on this song.

“Always” by Flying Cape Experience I’ve listened to the other songs in the set, and they’re all very good. This is the only one that reminds me of Mazzy Star, though. So don’t expect a redux of So Tonight That I Might See. Just expect a good record. There’s no pre-order, and I assume that there won’t be a physical release. You’ll be able to purchase a download of the new album on the release date of June 21. Be sure to bookmark the El Vals del Conejo bandcamp page

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