06.20.2015 — “Wait” by Swap Babies

Swap Babies

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Wait” by Swap Babies (2015, from the Bloody From Digging EP).

Swap Babies is a fuzzy lo-fi dream-pop/shoegaze/post-punk/goth trio from Stockholm. The front of the band is Denver native Kali Malone, who’s been living and working in Sweden for some time now. As far as I know, she does the vocals and all of the guitars. She’s also in the indie folk/dream pop band Taxi Taxi, who I featured back in March.

I got something in the mailbag about the EP, which was released on June 4 via Taxi Taxi’s label Delicious Demon Records. It didn’t take long for me to decide that I like this a lot. Although this isn’t nearly as bright and polished, and it certainly has fewer synthetics, I’m reminded in a way of The Casket Girls, who released my #1 favorite album of 2014. Here, by the way, is how I wrote up my top five albums of 2014. There you’ll find links to the other posts I wrote about my favorite 41 albums of the year.

I guess the thing is that Kali’s singing reminds me of Elsa and Phaedra from Casket Girls. And, at a few moments, she reminds me of Siouxie Sioux.

Anyway, this is the song I was asked to preview, and it just so happens that it’s my favorite from the EP:

“Wait” by Swap Babies

I really can’t say enough about how much I love the fuzzy, dreamy guitar work from the first 90 seconds. It’s really reminiscent of a bunch of early 90s gazey, dreamy stuff. Then, for the next 60 seconds or so, it gets a little more aggressive, and I’m actually reminded of Kristin Hersh’s “other band”. The one that’s harder, sweatier, and bloodier than Throwing Muses, but with most of the same sensibilities. 50 Foot Wave. She’s got a new “other, other” band now called Outros, but that’s not why we’re here today.

The rest of “Wait” still makes me think of 50 Foot Wave, and that’s a really good thing. There’s not something specific that I can point to, but it’s just a general way of one thing reminding me of another.

Hopefully, there will be plenty more from this band in the future. For now, you can buy a digital download of Bloody From Digging via MusikkOnline here.

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