07.05.2015 — “Closer” by Elika


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Closer” by Elika (2015, from the “Girls, Be Serious (part 3)” single).

Elika is an electro/shoegaze band from Brooklyn. The core of the band is the duo of Evagalia Maravelias (vocals, drums, synths, illustration) and Brian Wenckebach (guitars, synths, laptop, production), but they’ve recently added Andrew Kwasny (bass, synths,vocals) Khaya Lou (bass) to become a quartet. Since 2006, they’ve released four full-length albums and some other stuff, with their most recent long-player coming out in 2012. Since then, they’ve spent a lot of time with this “Girls, Be Serious” project. It’s a trilogy of 7″ records that was supposed to be released in the span of one year. The first part was released in November of 2013. Part two came out in August of 2014, and the third part is finally coming out on July 10 via Saint Marie Records.

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Saint Marie, the Texas label focused on shoegaze and dream pop. In terms of my year-end list, last year was a very good year for the label, with seven of their albums making my top 41 Albums of 2014 list, including two in the top nine. They’ve got a handful of records coming out later this summer which are already penciled into the list, and the ridiculously good new album by The Cherry Wave is guaranteed a top ten year-end spot. To bring this back in, I’m still hoping for a full album by Elika this year.

In the meantime, the two songs from the forthcoming 7″ record are pretty amazing. The whole “Girls, Be Serious” series is pretty great, and of the six songs, tonight’s song is, by far, my favorite.

“Closer” by Elika

In the verses, I’m reminded of the airy dream pop of The Moon Seven Times. During the choruses, I’m reminded of the blistering electrogaze of SPC ECO. In the middle eight, I’m reminded of something that would have been on a This Mortal Coil record. I like all of those things very much, so I naturally like this very much. And, of course I love the quiet/LOUD/quiet juxtaposition.

The coda kinda knocked me out the first time I heard it. The quick stop with heavy delay on the guitar and vocals creates a nice, slow, warm fade. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the coda in the magnificent “Persephone” by Cocteau Twins.

You can pre-order the “Girls, Be Serious” (Three of Three) single via Saint Marie here. Your choice of 7″ record, MP3, or lossless digital.

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