07.10.2015 — “At All” by La Casa al Mare

La Casa Al Mare — This Astro

If you only listen to one song today, make it “At All” by La Casa al Mare (2015, from the This Astro EP).

La Casa al Mare is a shoegaze/noise trio from Rome. The band name is Italian for Beach House. There won’t be much confusion between the Roman La Casa al Mare and the brilliant Baltimore dream pop duo. They list My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Swervedriver, Slowdive, and The Telescopes is influences, but it’s easy to hear Dinosaur Jr. as another influence. Suffice to say, they’ve got lots of love for the noisemakers from the early 1990s UK shoegaze scene. They’ve been around for about a year, but the members have been invloved in the Rome shoegaze scene for longer than that. Drummer Paolo Miceli used to be in Sea Dweller while bassist Marco Poloni was in La Calle Mojada.

In 2014, La Casa al Mare released two singles (“M”/”CD Girl” and “Sunflowers”/”Tonight or Never”). These four songs plus two new ones were released in May on their debut digital EP This Astro. The title track is exclusive to the CD version of the release.

I got something in the mailbag about this EP and more specifically, the video for today’s song. Less than two seconds into the song, there was already a glorious wash of noise, and I knew that I loved it.

This is that song:
“At All” by La Casa al Mare

Despite the slightly muffled quality of it, there’s a brightness to it that makes the whole thing shine. Coupled with that, there’s also the falsetto “Woo-woo-ooooooh-wooo” backing vocals that make this seem like a tribute to Rocketship.

The song is only 2:39, but it lingers with me long after I’ve stopped hitting “repeat”. And trust me when I say that I hit “repeat” a lot of times for this song.

A couple of weeks ago, the band also released a video for the song, which features accomplished longboard rider Azzurra Felici doing some things that only accomplished skateboarders can do.

You can buy a download of the EP from bandcamp here. You’ll also find directions for ordering a physical copy.

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