07.18.2015 — “Gone” by Basic Nature

Basic Nature

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Gone” by Basic Nature (2015, from the EP Circles & Lines).

Basic Nature is a shoegaze duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’d never heard of them until I saw one of their songs in my soundcloud feed, and I should say that everything I know about them came directly from their bio. Members Lizzy Burt and Claire Bones each came from other bands in the Peg, and after forming in 2014, they found quick success in the “Canadian Prairie” music scene. They originally released “Gone” as a single in 2014, and it ended up making some “best single of 2014” lists. They’ve developed a reputation for having a great live show, and their debut EP was hotly anticipated.

The women say that they have a wide range of influences, but the creation of their EP was inspired almost exclusively by Souvlaki. They add, however, that they didn’t set out to make a record that sounds like Souvlaki. In that department, people say that Basic Nature sounds like Lush and Warpaint, or even Beach House. I’m totally on board with the Lush (at least pre-Lovelife Lush) comparison. On today’s song, there’s not so much to compare to Warpaint, but it’s easier on another Basic Nature song — “Winged Creature”.
I really don’t think I’d name Beach House as a band that Basic Nature sounds like. I might go with a different Baltimore band in Wye Oak. Perhaps I’m trying too hard to make that analogy because of the whole “just two people making a hell of a lot of beautiful noise” thing.

Anyway, this isn’t about any of that. This is about one great song by a new band from the beautiful but unsexy parts of Canada.

“Gone” by Basic Nature

I love the early-mid 1990s feel that I get from Lizzy Burt’s guitar. And there’s something about the way Claire Bones plays her drums that reminds me of Scotty Plouf from the Spinanaes. Don’t play complex. Play hard and loud. Again, I might be trying too hard to draw a parallel to a noisy two-piece.

Of course I can’t go without saying that there’s something magical about Burt’s vocals. It’s no secret that I prefer female vocalists, and the lighter, and airier, the more angelic the better. This really works for me. And it’s more than just the dulcet tones: I love the fact that there’s a ton of reverb on the vocals, making the sound even more pillowy and dreamy.

You can buy Circles & Lines via the Dub Pitch Picnic bandcamp page here.

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