08.06.2015 — “Bright Red” by Stolen Jars

Stolen Jars

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Bright Red” by Stolen Jars (2015, from the forthcoming album Kept).

Stolen Jars is an indie folk band from Montclair, New Jersey. Although there is a full touring band, we’re really talking about the duo of multi-instrumentalist Cody Fitzgerald and singer Molly Grund. They formed the band in 2009 and self-released their eponymous debut in 2011. They got some positive press, and one of those songs ended up in an Apple commercial.

I only learned about the band recently when I got a couple of things in the mail bag about the singles that have been released in advance of the August 28 release of their new album. Today’s song was the first one I heard, and because of its slightly electro-synth folk sound, I was reminded a bit of Freelance Whales. Except that Freelance Whales uses a lot of glockenspiel, and although they have lots of coed vocal harmonies, most of the singing is done by Judah Dadone. In the case of Stolen Jars, most of the vocals are handled by Grund. Her silky sweet vocals are like red velvet cheesecake. Elegant, but not overblown. On most songs, Fitzgerald and Grund harmonize some, but on this one, it’s all Grund. There’s a second vocal track, but that’s also her.

The album has been in the works for a long time. The first single “Folded Out” launched in July of 2014, then “Kept” was released early in July of this year. Today’s song was released on July 27 as the final single to be released ahead of the album.

“Bright Red” by Stolen Jars

I really like the Postal Service-esque programming, especially the bit that starts at 1:22. And like I said, I love the layers of Molly Grund’s vocals.

You can grab a digital download of “Bright Red” via bandcamp by naming your own price here. You can also get the other two singles for the new album. Their debut album is also available at “name your price”. The new album is out on August 28, and I’m guessing that they’ll have a fixed minimum price on that one.

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