08.27.2015 — “Dirty Sun” by Infinity Girl

Infinity Girl

IF you only listen to one song today, make it “Dirty Sun” by Infinity Girl (2015, from the forthcoming album Harm).

Infinity Girl is a shoegaze/noise rock quartet from Brooklyn. They formed in Boston in 2012, released their debut album Stop Being On My Side that spring, and followed that with the Just Like Lovers EP at the end of 2012. Since then, they’ve moved to Brooklyn and signed a deal with Top Shelf Records. The new album will be out tomorrow.

I don’t know for sure, because this information wasn’t included in their press release, but I really hope that the band took its name from the Stereolab song of the same name (1999, from the album Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night).

The press on them says that their sound evokes bands like The Swirlies and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I’m okay with the Swirlies comparison, and I would definitely qualify the Pains comparison by only including the early Pains stuff. On at least a couple of the songs from Harm, I would say that Infinity Girl reminds me a bit of Ringo Deathstarr. There are a lot of bits and bursts of sheer noise juxtaposed with big chunks of lovely melody. There’s just one thing that all of those bands have that Infinity Girl doesn’t: a girl. I really like what I’m hearing from Infinity Girl, but if they had a female singer or some coed vocal harmonies, I would like it much, much more.

That said, this is a very good album. I didn’t know about the band at all until I got a promo copy in the mail bag along with the email/press release which snared me with the comparison to The Swirlies. In this song, there’s even a tiny bit in the intro that seems like a direct reference to The Swirlies. There’s a weird little sound on “Dirty Sun” that sounds a bit like that bit from The Swirlies “Bell (Prelude)” in which a guy is pulling masking tape from its spool, and that sound is manipulated.

Anyway, here’s today’s song:
“Dirty Sun” by Infinity Girl

What makes this for me is the carefully placed bursts of noise and perfect amounts of feedback, which allow for the melodies to be the bigger picture.

The release date for this is tomorrow, and you can pre-order it via Topshelf here. You can get it on regular black vinyl or “clear with black smoke” vinyl. Orders of physical copies come with a lossless digital download. You can also, of course, buy a digital download on its own.

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