09.06.2015 — “Endless” by White Cascade

White Cascade — Endless

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Endless” by White Cascade (2015, from the forthcoming album Endless).

White Cascade is a shoegaze trio from Raleigh, North Carolina. I wrote a post about them a year and a half ago after I saw them open for Ringo Deathstarr. The guys told me that night that they wouldn’t be playing shows for a while because they wanted to focus on making their debut album. That album is set to be released digitally tomorrow via Deep Space Recordings, with physical formats to follow. That label is a small North Carolina label with a lot of focus on vinyl issues of shoegaze and dream pop. Their roster includes LSD And The Search For God and Tears Run Rings, and they’re the US home for The Fauns. They also do distribution for some other things that are on other US labels. Check out their store, and see for yourself.

I got an email last night promoting the forthcoming White Cascade album, and also to announce that they’re a part of the Hopscotch Music Festival day party roster. The festival opens next Thursday and goes until Saturday night. 140 bands on the official roster, plus a bunch more playing day parties. The day party stuff is free. No wristband or ticket required. Those parties offer festival goers a chance to see bands who they might not be able to see at night because of scheduling conflicts. They also offer some bands who aren’t on the official roster. I’ve really enjoyed the day parties in years past, and I will again this year.

Today’s song is obviously the title track from the album, and it was released as a single a couple of months ago, backed with a remix of the song done by Bloody Knives

“Endless” by White Cascade

I love that it starts off dreamy and wispy, but by the middle of the song, there’s a whole lot of noise, and specifically a whole lot of low-end noise. As is usual, they completely wash Matt Guess’ (guitar/vocals) vocals in a ton of effects, so it’s nearly impossible to tell what he’s singing. At the end of the day, they’re not really focused on the vocals. It’s about the guitar noises. And it’s pretty magnificent.

White Cascade’s day party set will be at Legends Night Club at 4:35 on Saturday September 12. That’s a couple of blocks outside the footprint of the festival, but still walkable. Remember, all of the day party stuff is free, but festival tickets are still available here.

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