09.10.2015 — “Finland” by Vet Trip

Vet Trip — “Finland”

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Finland” by Vet Trip (2014, from a standalone digital single).

Vet Trip is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Austin, Texas. I know absolutely nothing about them, and I just found out about them via Soundcloud. I sort of assume that this is a duo, and I do know that the guy is named Thomas Blank. I have no idea about the woman. He’s recorded some stuff under his own name, plus six Vet Trip songs on Soundcloud, including a really dreamy, slowed-down cover of the Joy Division song “Transmission”. I highly recommend that you listen to that here.

Today’s song is a perfect blend of dream pop and shoegaze. That description might bring Slowdive to mind, and this will certainly be appealing to Slowdive fans, but this doesn’t sound a whole lot like Slowdive. This sounds like its own thing, and it sounds great to me.

“Finland” by Vet Trip

Lots of bright sounds, tons of delay, a lot of waves and undertow. And noise. Beautiful noise. At the very end, there’s that part where they lifted some Finnish-language spoken word stuff. I don’t know if it’s from a teevee show or a movie, or just some stuff being spoken.

The band has no internet presence that I could find, other than the Soundcloud page with those six songs. I have no idea if there’s a forthcoming release of any kind, but I really hope that there is.

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