09.19.2015 — “Nonplussed” by Clearance


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Nonplussed” by Clearance (2015, from the forthcoming album Rapid Rewards).

Clearance is an indie/slacker rock quartet from Chicago. It’s important to point out that they are not Pavement. Their songs sound a considerable bit like Brighten The Corners-era Pavement, and Clearance singer Mike Bellis sounds a bit like Steven Malkmus, but we can rest assured that this isn’t some bizarre trick being played by the boys from Pavement. In a recent interview with Noisey, Bellis explained:

If we end up sounding like them at all, it’s probably just a consequence of my limited range as a singer. It’s more natural for me to talk-sing, or otherwise be arch or conversational in my delivery, I guess. As a group, we’re probably more in our element recycling Velvet Underground-style grooves than anything else. Besides, we could never match Pavement’s enthusiasm for horse racing or REM trivia, to say the least.

Read the entire interview here.

I stumbled upon a Clearance song today, and that article represents nearly everything that I know about the band. They released a few EPs dating back to 2013, and those were compiled into a cassette release called Catalog Nos. last September. On September 25 of this year, they’ll release their debut long player, and this is one of the songs from it.

“Nonplussed” by Clearance

To be fair, this guy Mike Bellis might sound more like Matt Suggs from Butterglory than Malkmus, but that’s just my opinion. And just as Butterglory started as the duo of Suggs (guitar/vocals) and Debbie Van Der Wall (drums/vocals)before expanding to a “full band”, Clearance started as the duo of Bellis and drummer Arthur Velez before expanding to a quartet.

It’s very hard not to think of Pavement and Butterglory while listening to this song, or the rest of the songs. Since I love both of those bands, that’s a good thing.

Rapid Rewards comes out on September 25, and you can pre-order it via Tall Pat Records here.

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