09.20.2015 — “No Applause” by Martha Ffion

Martha Ffion

If you only listen to one song today, make it “No Applause” by Martha Ffion (2015, from the “No Applause/Lead Balloon” digital single).

Martha Ffion is an indie/folk/garage/punk/fuzz-surf singer and songwriter. Born in Ireland as Claire Martha Ffion McKay, she’s now set up in Glasgow. She cites a bunch of 1960s girl groups as her big influences, but her sound is often compared to some of my very favorite things: Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett, Sharon Van Etten.

The only thing I know about Martha Ffion is that she put out an EP called Go last year and that there’s a new EP on the way. I stumbled upon this song the other day after going down a rabbit hole chasing information when I was writing about Sea Lion. They’re on the same small Welsh label Turnstile Music. As it turns out, Martha Ffion is also on a very small label called Lost Map, which may or may not be located on the tiny Scottish island called Eigg.

I don’t know details about the forthcoming EP, but my understanding is that this single is meant to be a teaser for it. If this is any indication, I’m going to love it.

“No Applause” by Martha Ffion

There’s definitely a bit of the girl group thing going on, and I understand why people might say that this reminds them of Angel Olsen or Courtney Barnett, but this reminds me more of the most recent Jessica Lea Mayfield record. Or maybe Julie Doiron. Folk and country-ish and punk all at the same time. Simultaneously cuddly and abrasive. And this has big hooks in the bridges.

You can get the digital single by buying a postcard via Lost Map Records here. The postcard is £1 GBP. Shipping to the US is £1.75 GBP, so the whole thing comes to $4.27 USD by today’s exchange rates. A download code is included.

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