Lush reunion perhaps in the works?

Lush in 1996

On Monday, published an article suggesting that the legendary 1990s UK shoegaze band Lush might be planning a reunion.

The article points out that the band has launched a new Facebook page, complete with contact information for their booking, manager, and publicist. They also have a really, erm, “lush” looking brand new (sorry for the pun) website front page.

Also, guitarist Emma Anderson posted to her personal Twitter account the simple message: “7 Days”.

This, by the way, is exactly how Slowdive announced their reunion in January of last year. Set up social media, started a countdown, announce reunion, play festivals, tour US, etc. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen a new album, but we’re still holding out hope for that.

I always love to point out that Meriel Barham (guitar/vocals) was a founding member of Lush. She, of course, left the band and went on to become the co-front of the magnificent Pale Saints. I’m on record as saying that I loved Lush’s 1990 compilation album Gala and their 1992 proper debut album Spooky with fanatical ardor. Like many bands from the 1990s UK shoegaze scene, their hands were forced by the surge of Britpop to either change their style or fall out of favor with the press. I still liked their 1994 album Split, but by the time their 1996 album Lovelife rolled out, they were practically a different band. They were still Miki Berenyi (vocals/guitar), Emma Anderson (guitar/vocals), Phil King (bass) and Chris Acland (drums), and I still liked those records, but I didn’t love them.

In late 1996, there had been some whispers about the band breaking up, and on October 17 of that year, the devastating news came that drummer Chris Acland had hanged himself. He was 30. 14 months later, after a bit of a hiatus, the band announced that they were dissolving. King is currently a member of The Jesus & Mary Chain. Anderson started another band which folded in 2008. To my knowledge, Berenyi hasn’t been in any other bands, but she has contributed guest vocals to a couple of projects.

There never really has been any serious talk of a Lush reunion, which would obviously necessitate the hiring of a new drummer. In the post-breakup years, whenever any of them has been asked about the possibility of a reunion, they’ve always said that it would be really difficult to even entertain the idea of bringing in a different drummer. Perhaps things have changed.

Whatever they have planned, I’m sure it’ll be magnificent. If they’re re-issuing the now out-of-print back catalog, that’ll be great. If they’re going to do a slate of shows, that’ll be great. If it’s a new record, that’ll be even better. My hope is that at the very least, they’ll tour the east coast of the United States. When they were in their heyday, I never got to see them. They played a tour one summer with Ride, splitting the bill, and it still sickens me that I could have seen them –but didn’t– on that tour. My consolation prize is that I did see a Pale Saints/Ride split bill the following summer. More than 20 years and hundreds of concert experiences later, it’s still one of my favorites.

At some point on Tuesday, we’ll hope to get not only a “6 days” tweet from Emma, but perhaps some other peek into exactly what’s going on.

In the meantime, enjoy this:

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