09.24.2015 — “Home” by Little May

Little May

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Home” by Little May (2015, from the forthcoming album The Company).

Little May is an indie folk trio from Sydney. Because of their vocal harmonies and their somewhat dark take to whatever folk/rock they’re doing, they’re often compared to First Aid Kit. Other people mention Haim when they talk about Little May. I can get behind the First Aid Kit comparison, but I’ve never taken the time to familiarize myself with Haim, so I don’t know about that. Unlike those bands, though, the girls in Little May are not sisters. They are Hannah Field (guitar/vocals), Liz Drummond (guitar/vocals), and Annie Hamilton (bass). So far they don’t have a permanent drummer, but they’ve been using Catriona Hunter on tour.

They’ve been at it since about 2012, and they recently started to gain a ton of momentum all at once. They put out a couple of singles in 2013 followed by a self-titled EP late last year. It got unanimous high praise, and they did extensive tours of the world. They played small stages at big festivals, but turned a lot of heads, and many publications, even some mainstream ones, have been calling them a “band to watch”. They also managed to land a contract with Capitol Records.

During their travels, they hooked up with Aaron Dessner of The National, who invited them to New York so he could produce their debut album. The album is scheduled for release on October 9, and it’s been getting a ton of praise, and a heavy push from their promotional team. I started getting emails about this in June, even before the album had a name or a release date. Now that we’re getting close to the release date, it’s time for me to do my small part.

The album is full of “very good” songs, and most of them do have something to remind people of First Aid Kit. This one is probably my favorite, and it happens to be the one that they’re using to push the album. It reminds me a little bit of Jessica Lea Mayfield.

“Home” by Little May

I don’t know which of the girls is which, but the singer here has that raspy, smokey, sultry quality that delivers something that’s both mysterious and alluring. I love the vocal harmonies, but they don’t show up until late in the song. I wish it had much more of that. And that’s my only complaint (if you can even call it a complaint) about the song.

Here’s the video, which was also shot in NYC.

The album is available for pre-order now. Go here for details. For fans in the US, please understand that the prices listed are in AUD, and you can use 0.7 as the multiplier to convert to US dollars. That lightens the blow a little, but the bad news is that this ships from Australia, and it’s almost prohibitively expensive to ship here from there. It comes out to be about $43 USD for the vinyl once the shipping is added. My advice, then, is to wait until it comes out and buy it in a bricks-and-mortar store.

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