09.30.2015 — “Crease” by Thayer Sarrano

Thayer Sarrano

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Crease” by Thayer Sarrano (2015, from the album Shaky).

Thayer Sarrano is a psychedelic/goth-folk singer and multi-instrumentalist from Athens, Georgia. She sounds a lot like (and she even looks a little like) Hope Sandoval, so there’s a really easy Mazzy Star comparison. She grew up on a monastic settlement somewhere in Georgia, and as a child, she received classical music training. She also began composing her own songs at a very young age. She eventually went to the University of Georgia to study art, where she got deeply involved in the vibrant Athens music community. She’s played with and been a touring member with Of Montreal. She also got connected with David Lowery and has worked with him both in Cracker and in Camper Van Beethoven.

In 2009, Sarrano released her first solo record King, which was followed by Lift Your Eyes To The Hills in 2012. I didn’t know about either of those records, and I only recently learned about her new album Shaky. The new record was released on August 28 via a tiny Athens-based label called Guildwater Group. Currently, they only have two artists on the roster.

Through one of the PR firms that I have a lot of dealings with, I got a promo of the new album. As I usually do when I listen to an album by an artist I’m unfamiliar with, I started in the middle. I instantly adored this sixth song “A Quiet State of Panic”. You could have told me that it was a lost Mazzy Star song from She Hangs Brightly and I would have believed you. Same thing with today’s song.

“Crease” by Thayer Sarrano

There’s a bit of reverb on the vocals, which adds to the already haunting quality of Sarrano’s voice. There’s something dark, and mysterious, and sad, and strangely sexy about whatever’s going on in this song. I can’t quite make out any of the lyrics, but there’s definitely something about broken hearts in there.

Everything that I’ve read about this album says that while her sophomore album had a lot of spiritual imagery in it, the new album is largely based on personal experiences in the real world. Evidently, Sarrano has suffered some losses recently, and while I don’t know what those losses are, I do know that they’ve inspired her to make a beautiful record.

I recommend listening to this in a darkened room. And then listen again. And again.

You can buy a digital download or a CD of Shaky via bandcamp here.

Also, enjoy the video:

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