10.02.2015 — “Attention Seeker” by Etiquette


If you only listen to one song and watch one accompanying video today, make it “Attention Seeker” by Etiquette (2015, from the album Reminisce).

Etiquette is a dreamy synth-pop “make-out music” band from Toronto. Although they’re a full five-piece band, what we talk about when we talk about Etiquette is the partnership of Julie Fader and Graham Walsh. Although this is a new project, both key members have been active in the Canadian indie scene for a while. They’ve also been a couple for several years.

Fader has lent her vocals to Chad VanGaalen on his Soft Airplane album, two Sarah Harmer records, Great Lake Swimmers on their Lost Channels album, and many others. She used to be in a Hamilton-based band, and in 2009, she released a solo record called Outside In. For that album, she got help from all of the aforementioned.

Walsh is a member of the electronica band Holy Fuck, whose 2007 album LP was shortlisted for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize. He’s also done production for Hannah Georgas on her 2012 self-titled record, and for Viet Cong, whose self-titled debut was shortlisted for the 2015 Polaris prize. He also worked on the 2014 debut album by Alvvays. That record was also shortlisted for the 2015 Polaris prize.

Etiquette’s debut album Reminisce was released on March 24 via the Toronto label Hand Drawn Dracula.

It’s been said that Etiquette combines the stone cold sexiness of The XX and the über-dreaminess of Beach House, with a bit of Air thrown in there. I think today’s song captures all of that.

“Attention Seeker” by Etiquette

This is indeed very sexy. They say they wanted to create some “make-out music”, and I think they’ve accomplished that.

Coincidentally, the video for the song is beautiful and powerful, a little steamy, and a lot smokey. It’s got something a little more than “making out” in it. It’s not R-rated, but it’s not safe for work, and it’s really no good if your kids are nearby. Watch to the end.

You can buy the album directly via HDD here, or through any of your normal digital retailers.

Over the last couple of years, it looks like they’ve played a couple dozen or so shows throughout Ontario, plus a couple in Montréal. Hopefully, they’ll start touring the US as well.

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