10.15.2015 — “It Comes Slow” by Fern


If you only listen to one song today, make it “It Comes Slow” by Fern (2015, from the standalone single “It Comes Slow”).

Fern is a dreamy/shoegaze-y noise-pop trio from Sydney. They’ve only existed for about two months, and they only have this one self-released digital single, but they’re making some serious waves in the Sydney underground music scene. I found out about them and this fantastic song because of the Australian website/newsletter Happy. They put together a “mix tape” every few weeks, and this song was on one of those. They focus on up-and coming Australian (and New Zealand) bands across all genres, and I’ve learned about a lot of great shoegaze/noise bands because of them. I’m not exactly the target demographic for that website or its newsletter, but I love it anyway.

There’s not much out there about Fern, and I couldn’t find a single picture of the band. All we know is that the band members are named Lauren, Scott, and Adrian. Lauren and Scott had been playing “drunken jam sessions” together for some time, when they invited Adrian, who is a New Zealander, to play drums with them. Adrian suggested they call the band “Fern”, and it stuck. As it turns out, ferns, and specifically silver ferns, are symbolic of New Zealand. Although there are loads of other uses of the silver fern in association with New Zealand iconography, there’s none better known than the famous logo for the New Zealand national rugby team, better known as All Blacks.

So far, today’s song is the only song that Fern has released, but it looks like they’ve got a great future ahead of them

“It Comes Slow” by Fern

I love how cold and dark it is. Especially at the beginning, before the vocals come in. Especially with the icy synths, the nearly mechanical drums, and the minimal bass. It’s not overly busy. Some would even say that it’s a bit drone-y, but it’s comforting and familiar. It gets taken to another level of awesome with Lauren’s voice, with all the delay and other effects. I’m reminded a bit of Amy Millan, and it makes me wish that this is the kind of song that Stars made when they made their shift to incorporate synths into their music.

In the second half of the song, there are more guitars and lots of lovely noise. I really enjoy the slow build to the buzz there.

I can’t wait to see what this band has in the future. For now, you can download the song for free via soundcloud here.

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