10.17.2015 — “Sixteen Forever” by The Casket Girls

The Casket Girls

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Sixteen Forever” by The Casket Girls (2015, from the album The Piano Album).

The Casket Girls is a synth pop/shoegaze band from Savannah, Georgia. The sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene are at the heart of the band, handling the vocals. I think they both play bass, as well. Graveface Records founder Ryan Graveface handles the electronics and the noisy bits. I’ve written about this band before back in April 2013 and again in January 2014. If you want to know their history, check either one of those posts.

I also named their 2014 album True Love Kills The Fairy Tale my #1 album of 2014. You can see my entire top 41 here.

The Casket Girls released a new album, their third, today. It’s called The Piano Album, and that’s exactly what it is. Instead of a deliciously noisy mix of guitars, effects pedals, synths and drums, this album has piano and vocals. As much as I love the fuzz and the buzz of their previous two albums, I love this almost as much.

There’s always been a bit of a shroud of mystery pulled over this band. The girls always wear dark sunglasses, and a lot of press photos additionally have their eyes blacked out or blurred. They also wear those long wavy blonde wigs. So we don’t really know what they look like. I’m not sure if anyone even knows which sister is which. It makes them mysterious and even more appealing.

Unfortunately I’ve read numerous accounts of their live performances falling well short of the quality of their studio work. They say the singing isn’t as good and that their bizarre choreography is a bit off-putting. I’ve seen videos, but I’ve never seen the band play live. What I know is that I love their first two records, and this new one is doing well in my house. I’ve only listened to the new album all the way through once, but I’ve listened to today’s song a bunch of times. This is that song

“Sixteen Forever” by The Casket Girls

When I first heard about this Piano Album, I wasn’t sure how I felt. I thought that the noise and the fuzz was integral to what The Casket Girls are doing. It is integral, but I’m not missing it at all on this album. It’s quite nice, actually. Instead of a kick in the face, this is a tug at the heartstrings.

Its worth noting that there are two “bonus tracks” on the album. Piano re-works of “Same Side” and “The Chase”, which are the album-opening and album-closing songs from True Love Kills The Fairy Tale. They’re both lovely, minimal reworks, but “Same Side” is extraordinary. It’s worth the price of admission on its own.

You can buy a digital download of The Piano Album via bandcamp here. Or any of your normal digital retailers.

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