10.21.2015 — “Pale Blue Skies” by Sunshine & The Rain

Sunshine & The Rain

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Pale Blue Skies” by Sunshine & The Rain (2015, from the “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” single).

Sunshine & The Rain is a noisy, shoegazey, fuzzy psychedelic rock duo from Jersey City, New Jersey. The band, who just released their debut single, is the husband-and-wife duo of Justin Morey (guitar/vocals) and Ashley Anderson Morey (vocals/bass). They were both in The Black Hollies, before that band broke up in 2014.

With this new project, they set out to make something that was reminiscent of 1960s girl groups, but based around fuzzy guitars. That’s exactly what The Jesus & Mary Chain did when they made Psychocandy. They’ve always said that they wanted to make a record that sounded specifically like The Shangri-Las. Sunshine & The Rain used the same formula. The pop sensibility and “wall of sound” structure of a 60s girl group sound with a ton of feedback and fuzz.

I got something in the mailbag about this song, and the email raved that their sound “adds pummeling drum machines to a distorted, intense guitar feedback laden assault below classic pop hooks”. The email also referenced The Mary Chain and The Ramones, so I was quite intrigued.

The “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” single came out yesterday, and today’s song is the b-side.
“Pale Blue Skies” by Sunshine & The Rain

First off, I love what they’ve done with the stereo field. For the first 17 seconds, there’s nothing at all in the left channel, and there’s some pretty airy synth/organ in the right. Then the really fuzzy guitars come in, and those thundering, bass-heavy programmed drums. I can’t get enough of stuff like that.

The little bursts of feedback, the squelches, all the shoegazey goodness: that stuff’s just the icing on the cake. Those first 30 seconds or so had already convinced me.

I have no idea if there are plans for a full-length album, but we can hope for that in 2016. For now, you can get the “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” b/w “Pale Blue Skies” single via bandcamp

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