10.29.2015 — “Sand” by Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Sand” by Frankie Cosmos (2015, from the forthcoming EP Fit Me In).

Frankie Cosmos is the stage name for NYC-based lo-fi indie-folk/indie rock singer-songwriter Greta Simone Kline. She’s the daughter of actor Kevin Kline and former actress Phoebe Cates. Kevin Kline is an Academy Award winner, and Phoebe Cates is famous for her topless scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

The 21-year old singer/songwriter began writing and recording songs in 2009 under the name Ingrid Superstar. In 2011, she started recording as a duo under the name Frankie Cosmos. These days, she has a four-piece band that features Gabrielle Smith, who is better known as the frontwoman for Eskimeaux.

In total, counting the different band names, Kline has released something like 40 records. Most of them are singles that were made on the fly. A few EPs and a few full-length albums. To be fair, though, her 2014 album Zentropy was the first that was done in a studio, and most people refer to it as her debut. She’ll have another proper album coming out in 2016, and a four-song EP coming out on November 13 via Bayonet Records. She’s also part of the Double Double Whammy family.

Today’s song is the fourth song from the forthcoming EP. All of her songs are short. Most are sub-2:00. This is only 48 seconds in length, but it’s pretty marvelous.

“Sand” by Frankie Cosmos

This reminds me a bit of Julie Doiron. Some of her older stuff, particularly the stuff from Zentropy, is much more like Julie Doiron. The organ part is a tiny bit Cure-esque.

I’ve listened to this short song a bunch of times in a row, and I’ll be looking forward to the EP in two weeks, and the album in early 2016.

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