11.06.2015 — “Lillian Simmons” by Citrus Nowhere


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Lillian Simmons” by Citrus Nowhere (2015).

Citrus Nowhere is a lo-fi shoegaze quartet. I stumbled upon them because of one of the shoegaze discussion groups that I’m a member of. The band is deliberately vague about who they are and where they’re from. That may be an understatement. They don’t have a bio anywhere, and on the pages of their web presence, they always describe themselves as “an adorable shoegaze band from nowhere” and “Citrus Nowhere lives in your collective unconscious”. There are “official” videos of them performing, but every one of them is deliberately blurry and out of focus.
We have good reason to think that they’re Japanese, and that there are two male guitarists, a female bassist and a male drummer. Beyond that, there’s no telling who they are or specifically where they’re from.

I even read a something that described them as a “fictional” band. This was written in English by someone whose first language wasn’t English, so there may have been something lost in translation, but it’s a pretty great mis-translation. It fits.

We also have reason to suspect that they just got started sometime this year. Those videos that I’ve seen, from their own YouTube channel, are four months old, and are from their “first concert”.

They’ve got a bunch of songs posted to their Soundcloud page, but no official releases yet. Among the songs they have is a very noisy cover of the Flaming Lips song “Race For The Prize”, from their towering album The Soft Bulletin. This isn’t that.

For reference, today’s song is named after a very minor character in The Catcher In The Rye. A girl who Holden Caulfield’s brother used to date. Holden ran into her one night in a bar. In chapter 12:

All of a sudden, this girl comes up to me and said “Holden Caulfield!” Her name was Lillian Simmons. My brother D.B. used to go around with her for a while. She had very big knockers.
“Hi,” I said. I tried to get up, naturally, but it was some job getting up, in a place like that. She had some Navy officer with her that looked like he had a poker up his ass.
“How marvelous to see you!” old Lillian Simmmons said. Strictly a phony. “How’s your big brother?” That’s all she really wanted to know.
“He’s fine. He’s in Hollywood.”
“In Hollywood! How Marvelous! What’s he doing?”
“I don’t know. Writing.” I said. I didn’t feel like discussing it. You could tell she thougth it was a big deal, his being in Hollywood. Almost everybody does. Mostly people who’ve never read any of his stories. It drives me crazy, though.
“How exciting.” old Lillian said. Then she introduced me to the Navy guy. His name was Commander Blop or something. He was one of those guys that think they’re being a pansy if they don’t break around forty of your fingers when they shake hands with you. God, I hate that stuff.

Anyway, this is that song:
“Lillan Simmons” by Citrus Nowhere

Beneath all that muddy sound, there’s something really magical happening here. Once they start to put a little more energy into this, they’re going to be quite good. For now, they remind me of a much muddier version of The Swirlies.

There’s no album, or EP, or even a single to download. For now, you’ll have to tune in to their Soundcloud page.

For fun, here’s the blurry, out of focus video of them performing tonight’s song during their first concert.

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