11.12.2015 — “Turkeys” by Long Beard

Leslie Bear (Long Beard)

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Turkeys” by Long Beard (2015, from the album Sleepwalker).

Long Beard is a dreamy indie rock/cuddle punk trio from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band is centered around, and pretty much is Leslie Bear (guitar/vocals). The project got started about four years ago, and the debut album Sleepwalker came out on October 23 via Team Love Records. The band’s label bio mentions such luminaries as Bowery Electric, Labradford, Pale Saints, and Lush. If I’m honest, I don’t hear any of those things when I listen to the debut album by Long Beard. I hear something more like Lois Maffeo or Deep End-era Tsunami. The low-fi, muddy Tsunami. Because of the drumming, and the structure, I can also hear something like The Sea And Cake.

I started hearing about Long Beard a few months ago, and when the album came out, I was quite pleased. It’s a collection of well-crafted, beautiful songs. There’s not any superfluous parts, and nothing seems forced. It’s gentle, and haunting, and worthy of repeat listens.

There’s a lot of beauty in Bear’s gently strummed guitar, and even more in her angelic singing. While Stefan Koekemoer (drums) and Devin Silvers (bass) round out the band quite nicely, there’s no mistake that Bear is the star of the show.

This is one of my favorite songs from a very good record:

“Turkeys” by Long Beard

Like some other songs on the album, this is about being young and being in love. And the giddy excitement of that.

There’s a strange video for the song, which just launched today and landed in my inbox this afternoon. It’s Halloween themed. Sort of.


You can buy a digital download of Sleepwalker via Bandcamp here. You can buy the album in LP or cassette format via Team Love Records here.

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