11.15.2015 — “Nothing Comes Out of Your Mouth” by Salsa Cinderella

Salsa Cinderella

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Nothing Comes Out of Your Mouth” by Salsa Cinderella (2015, from the Salsa Cinderella EP).

Salsa Cinderella is a dream pop/shoegaze quartet from Montréal. The project got started in Paris in 2010. Frontman Nichk Dhan had been in a band called Team Ghost with M83 cofounder Nicolas Fromageau. Dhan left that band in 2009 and formed this band soon after. I really don’t know what happened between 2010 and 2015, or how the band ended up in Montréal, but that’s what I know. Marion Chanson (vocals/bass) and Thibault Vincent (drums) made the band a trio, and they recently added Nicolas Desse (guitars).

They released a self-titled EP in February of this year, and they were scheduled to release another EP late this year. Unfortunately, their laptop and all the recordings and backups were stolen. They had to start over from scratch, and the new EP won’t be out until some undefined time in 2016.

I found out about this the same way I’m finding a lot of stuff these days. I go down some rabbit hole on Soundcloud looking for something completely different and end up with some surprise.

This is the first song from the self-titled EP, and it’s easy to tell that they’re influenced by the heavies of the early 90s shoegaze scene. MBV guitars, Slowdive coed vocal harmonies. It may be derivative, but it’s quite good nonetheless.

“Nothing Comes Out of Your Mouth” by Salsa Cinderella

I’m a big, big fan of Marion Chanson’s singing here. I’m reminded a little of Bilinda Butcher, and a little more of original Swirlies singer Seana Carmody. There’s something, though, about the harmonies that makes this better than the harmonies in MBV or The Swirlies. Like I said, it’s more like the Slowdive harmonies even if the singers don’t sound like Halstead and Goswell. I like, also, that the vocals aren’t buried under the fuzz. They’re more front-and-center.

I’ve just listened to this a bunch of times in a row, and I suggest that you do the same.

You can buy the Salsa Cinderella EP via Bandcamp here.

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