11.24.2015 — “Su-Pra” by Cheatahs


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Su-Pra” by Cheatahs(2015, from the album Mythologies).

Cheatahs is a multi-national indie rock/noise pop quartet based in London. Nathan Hewitt (vocals/guitar) is from Edmonton. James Wignall (vocals/guitars/tapes/keys) is from Leicester. Dean Reid (bass/vocals/keys) is from San Diego. Marc Raue (drums/tapes/keys) is from Dresden. Many years ago, Hewitt and Wignall met each other while they were working in a pub in London. They bonded over a mutual passion for music and Seinfeld, but they didn’t start making music together right away. Years later, they started recording together, and in 2009, they released a series of singles and EPs. In 2014, they released their debut album Cheatahs, and on October 30, 2015, they released their sophomore long player Mythologies via the London-based Wichita Recordings.

The new album is named after a series of essays written by French literary theorist Roland Barthes. While making the new record, they got a lot of inspiration from those essays about semiotics, the work of English television writer Dennis Potter, the Freudian concept of “screen memory” (I have no idea what that is), and being hospitalized whilst on tour.

The band’s debut record was my 41st favorite record of last year, and I also wrote about them back in 2013.

Mythologies is a little bit different stylistically from their previous work, but I still like it a lot.

“Su-Pra” by Cheatahs

Instead of an emphasis on noisy shoegaze. there’s a lot of emphasis on other things. Here, the emphasis is on noisy krautrock, or at least noisy motorik. That’s evidenced throughout this song, but especially in the second half. It’s a little dark and a little dingy, and retro-futuristic. The rest of the album features songs that sound a bit brit-pop, and a bit like college radio in the mid-1990s.

I’m guessing that when they play this song live, they stretch it out to about 14 minutes or so. I’d really love to see that.

You can buy the album via Amazon, or eMu or iTunes. There’s no Bandcamp, and buying from the label isn’t the most cost-effective thing in the world for fans in the US.

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