12.05.2015 — “i dream of you in slow motion” by shalloboi


If you only listen to one song today, make it “i dream of you in slow motion” by shalloboi (2015, from the album hopelessly, completely).

shalloboi is an ambient shoegaze/drone/experimental noise duo from Chicago. I’m reminded mostly of lovesliescrushing and astrobrite. Tyler Ritter does most of the guitar stuff, the loops, the programming, and so on while Stefanie Goodwin handles some vocals, tuned percussion, and some other stuff. They’ve been around since 2004, and they’ve self-released seven albums “without hardly anyone noticing” (Ritter’s words, not mine). I was one of those people who didn’t notice. Today, I stumbled upon a brand new song of theirs from a forthcoming 2016 album. That song is quite good, but I’m offering this instead.

I’ve gone back to their back catalog to get a feel for what they’ve been doing, and it sounds like in the beginning of this project, they were based around violin/viola/cello. They were a much more ambient-sounding version of Rachel’s. For a while, they were really shoegazey. Now they’ve settled into that ambient drone sound. For now, anyway. I read somewhere that Ritter wants the band and their sound to keep constantly evolving. Or at least changing.

Their entire catalog is available by naming your price via Bandcamp. This is the fist song on the newest album. Like the rest of their songs, it’s long-ish at 7:43. If you ask me, though, it’s not long enough. I could listen to that all night long. Perhaps that’s the point.

“i dream of you in slow motion” by shalloboi

You can grab hopelessly, completely here by naming your price. Likewise with the rest of their catalog.

Here, also, is the video for today’s song:

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