12.06.2015 — “Shohet” by Stella Diana

Stella Diana

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Shohet” by Stella Diana (2015, from the Alhena EP).

Stella Diana is a shoegaze trio from Naples, Italy. They started in 1998 and have released three albums —Supporto Colore (2007), Gemini (2010), and 41 61 93 (2014). This year, they released the Alhena EP, which is four remastered songs from the Gemini album, plus a cover of the Kula Shaker song “Govinda”. This EP landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, and it was released last week. I got a note today asking for coverage on this, and I was planning on it anyway, so this is the perfect time.

Earlier this year, Stella Diana also contributed to an all-Italian tribute to the Slowdive masterpiece Souvlaki. Their contribution was “Melon Yellow”. While they normally sing in Italian, they did that cover in English, and it sounds great. The rest of the tribute isn’t exactly what I expected. Some of the songs are wild interpretations, and some are much closer to electronic than to shoegaze or dream pop. With the exception of Białogard and their rendition of “Souvlaki Space Station”, I’ve never heard of any of the other bands. Still, though, it’s an interesting compilation. Check out that tribute here.

Even though I don’t understand a word of Italian, I really like what they’re doing here. I love the buzz and the swirling guitars and the phaser or flanger or whatever that is.

“Shohet” by Stella Diana

I’ve never heard the Gemini version of this song, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I really like this, and the rest of the songs as well.

Here’s a video of the song, from a bicyclist’s POV riding through the city.

You can get Alhena via Bandcamp here.

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