12.08.2015 — “Ignorance” by You Say Party

You Say Party

If you only listen to one song and watch one video tonight, make it “Ignorance” by You Say Party (2015, from a standalone digital single).

You Say Party is an experimental indie rock quartet from Vancouver. They formed in 2004, and have released three albums. In the beginning, they were a new wave/punk band, and their name used to be You Say Party! We Say Die!. They changed their style a bit for their 2010 album XXXX, shifting more towards dance and pop. Although those kinds of things really aren’t for me, that album really struck a chord with me. It was partly reminiscent of Warpaint, partly of Blondie. Either way, it was a really fun album that I liked a lot. It was my ninth favorite Canadian album of 2010.

Unfortunately, the band suffered a huge tragedy while they were touring in support of that album. Their drummer Devon Clifford collapsed during a show in April of 2010 and passed away two days later. They immediately changed their name, dropping the “We Say Die”, and dropping the exclamation mark. They also shuffled the lineup a bit, and pressed on. However, almost exactly a year later, they announced that they were going on indefinite hiatus.

Four and a half years later, the hiatus is over. Today, they announced the release of a single called “Ignorance”, and a stunning video for it. They’ve also promised more to come.

I absolutely love this song. I’ve listened to it/watched the video about a dozen times in a row, and I can’t get enough. On this one, I’m reminded of In Our Bedroom After The War-era Stars. I absolutely adored, and still adore that record. Like this song, that album is fundamentally pop music, but with a lot of indie street cred. Some darkness and light. Some toughness and tenderness. And it’s fun. And at the end of the day, it just sounds unmistakably Canadian. I’m not a Canadian, but I play one on teevee.

Anyway, here’s the bizarre and beautiful video for today’s song.
“Ignorance” by You Say Party

“Ignorance” is a standalone single that was released exclusively as a download and a video. You can buy a download of it via Amazon here, via eMusic here, or via iTunes. At the moment, there isn’t a Bandcamp download. Based on this, I’m really looking forward to whatever they have up their sleeves for 2016.

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