12.09.2015 — “Dark End of The Sea” by Cerf Volant

Cerf Volant

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Dark End of The Sea” by Cerf Volant (2015, from a forthcoming EP).

Cerf Volant is a shoegaze/dream pop duo from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its members are Andrea Perdue (synths/vocals), Jérémie Rüest (guitars/loops). They also get contribution from Zaied Ali (beats/samples).

I don’t know when this band got started, but they have some tracks on compilations and tribute albums dating back to 2013. A different version of tonight’s song appears on a 2013 compilation called Whatever Forever, which featured bands from Lawrence, Kansas. Perdue is, I think, originally from Kansas. She speaks French, and another one of their songs –“Foal”– features her bilingual French and English lyrics. Rüest is, I think, of French extraction. If my research is correct, he was in a different band with Perdue in Paris in 2009.

It’s also worth noting that the band’s name is French for Kite. Literally, it means “flying deer”, but that’s how they describe a kite.

I don’t know anything else about this band. I only found out about them because this song showed up in my Soundcloud feed and I absolutely loved it.

The band has a self-titled debut EP coming out very soon via Beko, but details are sketchy at best.

You can check out the older, very different version of the song here, but the new version is why we’re really here. This is that song.

“Dark End of The Sea” by Cerf Volant

The band says that they’re like a middle ground between Beach House and Drug Train. I’ve only heard one song by Drug Train, but I can certainly appreciate the comparison to Beach House.

Hopefully the EP will be out soon, but there really aren’t any details. I know that they started a kickstarter to fund the making of a promotional video for “Foal”, but it didn’t get fully funded. Either way, look for that EP soon and hopefully someday, they’ll get that video made.

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