12.11.2015 — “Nowhere” by Swaying Wires

Swaying Wires

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Nowhere” by Swaying Wires (2016, from the forthcoming album I Left A House Burning).

Swaying Wires is an Americana quartet from Turku, Finland. That’s the same hometown as NHL legends Saku and Mikko Koivu, as well as former Calgary Flames netminder Miikka Kiprusoff, among others. Although I am a serious fan of the Carolina Hurricanes, I really like those Koivu boys. Mikko is in his eleventh NHL season, all with the Minnesota Wild. He is the Minnesota Wild, and I love that. Saku has always been one of my favorite players. Unfortunately, he was constantly harassed by the xenophobic French-speaking media in Montréal, where he was a long-time captain, because he didn’t speak French fluently. He was, though, adored by the fans in Montréal and around the league. Partly because he was a fantastic player and a great team captain, and partly because he beat cancer. Mostly, though, he was just Saku freakin Koivu. He’s all of that. They say that Saku Koivu is the very essence of sisu. We don’t have that in the English language. It’s more than “courage”. It’s more than “bravery”. It’s more than “not worrying about the fact that the chips are stacked against you”. It’s all of that and much more. And it’s a uniquely Finnish quality.

Anyway, this band is from the same town as Saku Koivu. They put out their debut album Some Blue Sky in March of 2014, and a lot of people referenced the likes of Neko Case and Mazzy Star in reviews of that album. I haven’t heard that record, and I only found out about Swaying Wires when an advance promo of the forthcoming album landed in my inbox the other day. I don’t think I can get behind the Mazzy Star comparison, but tonight’s song certainly reminds me a lot of Neko Case. It sounds like it could have been a song from the magnificent Blacklisted. It reminds me, even more specifically, of the song “Deep Red Bells”. But that’s about as far as the Neko Case parallel goes. On another song called “Surrender”, Tina Kärkinen (vocals/acoustic guitar) reminds me of Kristin Hersh. On most of the other songs, I’ve got no ready comparisons.

“Nowhere” is the second song on the sophomore record by Swaying Wires, and it will be available from January 15 via Battle Worldwide Recordings.

This is that song:

“Nowhere” by Swaying Wires

I love how big and broad the vocal track is, especially during the choruses. I also love the delicate drumming, especially the cymbal crashes. To be honest, I love everything about this song. The rest of the album is quite good too.

You can go here for album pre-order information.

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