12.18.2015 — “Low-key” by Pastel Blue

Pastel Blue

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Low-key” by Pastel Blue (2010, from the Blue Demos album).

Pastel Blue was a dream pop band from Osaka. They formed in early 2010 and broke up in late 2013. They released two albums in 2010 — Pastel Demos, and Blue Demos). I first heard them a few months ago via one of my shoegaze forums, and I was mesmerized by a different one of their songs. I started to write a post about “Two Blue Flowers”, but I abandoned it because I didn’t know anything about the band and also because the song was five years old. I’m trying to focus exclusively on new and forthcoming stuff, so I decided against the Pastel Blue post. Today, in a completely separate avenue of research, this band popped up again. So although this isn’t new, and although I know nothing at all about the band, I love it so much that I’m going to go ahead with it.

“Low-key” by Pastel Blue

It’s sort of like if Galaxie 500 had done a cover of Slowdive’s “Brighter”. Or if Slowdive had done a super-Slowdive-y interpretation of the Galaxie 500 tune “Listen, the Snow is Falling”. Whatever. It’s magnificently dreamy and ghost-like. It’s like floating in space, but it’s warm and bright like a mid-spring afternoon.

You can buy a download of Blue Demos via Bandcamp here. By today’s exchange rate, ¥720 JPY is equal to $5.94 USD.

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One response to “12.18.2015 — “Low-key” by Pastel Blue

  • phil

    i’m glad you posted this! over the past few years i’ve tried several times to purchase this album, but the band’s paypal account wasn’t set up properly, and bandcamp wasn’t even able to get in touch with them. i guess it got straightened out eventually, and i’m glad to finally have a copy! 🙂

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