Our favorite albums of 2015 — Honorable mentions

It’s that time of year again. Time to start publishing year-end lists. I’ve been much more organized this year, and I’ve also been overwhelmed with the quantity of good stuff that came out in 2015. In a normal year, I put about 110 or so new albums in my library, spend a lot of time with half of them, and have only a little bit of trouble whittling my list down to 40 or so titles.

This year, I added more than 200 new albums to my catalog, and I spent quality time with more than 125 of them. Make no mistake: I’m not a rich man. I couldn’t afford to buy all of those at retail. A good portion of those were promo copies. A lot more were “name your price” downloads, and I paid what I could. A lot more were gotten via eMusic, which is a great way to get music legally and inexpensively. Of course, there were also a bunch that I paid retail prices for. Anyway… It took considerable doing to cull that list of 125 that I liked a lot down to my favorite 50. This’ll be the longest list I’ve ever done. Not only that, but for the first time ever, I’m gonna do a list of the records that just barely missed the final list. And trust me when I say that it was difficult to limit this list of honorable mentions down to only 25.

A few of these were albums that I was greatly anticipating and was slightly let down by. Some of these broke my heart to leave off of the main list. These are all really good records that I would happily recommend to you. I just like the stuff on the main list a little bit more. That main list will be published in chunks over the coming weeks.

Without further ado, here are those 25 honorable mentions, listed in alphabetical order without commentary. Click on the album art to go to where you can listen and buy. Click on the band name to see what I’ve written about their new album.

All DogsKicking Every Day

Beliefs — Leaper

CaspianDust and Disquiet


Des ArkEverything Dies

Distortion GirlsParty


Echo LakeEra


Evans The Death — Expect Delays

Girls Names — Arms Around a Vision

Grave PoolMnemonics

Guts Club — The Arm Wrestling Tournament

Hayden — Hey Love

HelenThe Original Faces

J Francisto adore

Jenny HvalApocalypse, Girl
Jenny Hval

Joanna Gruesome — Peanut Butter

Julien BakerSprained Ankle


Takaakira (“Taka”) GotoClassical Punk and Echoes Under The Beauty



WickerbirdThe Leaf Maker

WidowspeakAll Yours

That’ll do it for now. Like I said, I recommend all of those albums. Because of the quality and quantity of new releases this year, there just wasn’t enough room in the top 50 for these.

As I normally do, I’ll break my final list into chunks, starting the countdown at 50. Look for the first installment in a couple of days.

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